Where are my Ploosh now?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My little mushroom visits Anna in Gdansk- Poland

Anna of pink-orange-red on flickr organized Little Plush visitor. I signed up to do the little swap which consisted of sending your favorite plush overseas, receive a plush from your partner and take pictures of it around your town, then make a scrapbook of the plushies adventures, collect some souvenirs and goodies and send everything back to it's owner.

I loved doing this so much that I'm thinking of making a few of my little plush mushrooms and holding a give-away of sorts that kind of runs along this theme... You get a little mushroom and in return, you take pictures of the mushroom around where you live and post them on flickr. What do you guys think? Would there be interest in this?

Anyway, Lilly the little mushroom really enjoyed it's stay in Gdansk Poland. Thank you Anna!


i cant sew said...

i would be interested in this type of swap... one of my little babushkas would love a trip overseas (some already live overseas but a photo idea is great). check out my etsy to see if you think my babushka is a candidate :0)
%*_*% rosey
p.s. the parrot is amazing

Puglette said...

that sounds like so much fun! a girlfriend and i sent our co-workers mr. potato head on a virtual trip one year. we sent the potato head to all sorts of places and then home to idaho to marry mrs. potato head. it was tons of fun! we had idaho spud propaganda sent to him and when we finished, we covered his desk with all the extra potato heads we bought to pull off our game. :o)