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Monday, February 2, 2009

Le Champignon Jean-Michel

Le Champignon Jean-Michel {happy}, originally uploaded by Effunia.

Germe: 1 Février 2009
Coleur favori: Rouge, Bleu, et Blanc bien sur!
Boisson favorie: Cafe au lait
Nourriture favorie: Pommes-Frites
Activité favorie: Peindre des panoramas
Expression favorie: C'est la vie!
Saison favorie: L'été

Jean-Michel comes complete with accessories- painters palette, paint brush and beret of course :) All removable too! This was a custom order for a co-worker of mine who's sisters is an artist and likes France. I really want one of my own actually.


Bethany Hissong said...

I want one too!!! Completely adorable!!!!!

echoform said...

i love this. it feels like a halloween costume for the mushroom boy.

edward and lilly said...

Oh, I must say I think this is the cutest one so far!