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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Callie & Cailey the Mushrooms with Sidney the Owl

Bethany was so sweet to commission me to make a purple mushroom for her daughter's birthday. I knew a few cute facts about Caroline, so I tried to incorporate them into my mushroom making. That's also why I added the owl to the mix. I ended up making two because I could not decide which version I liked better and it turns out Bethany couldn't either so she bought both of them!!! Today was Caroline's b-day- Happy Birthday, Caroline! And Bethany was so nice to share some pictures of Caroline opening her gift. Check them out over at her blog. I think Caroline's expression is priceless and it was definitely one of my favorite custom orders that I've had the pleasure of working on :)

And I couldn't resist and had to add at least one pic of Caroline- this is my favorite shot!

She looks so happy :) I love Nathaniel's expression too. He seems to be really happy for his sister! What a great shot! You guys are awesome!

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