Where are my Ploosh now?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone

I'm going on Christmas vacation today- wahoo! I'll be back in the New Year. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! And, I wanted to present to you Matilda the Christmas Mushroom.

Sprouted: December 18th
Favorite Color: white
Favorite Drink: Egg Nogg
Favorite Food: Sugar cookies
Favorite Activity: building snowmen
Favorite Season: winter

I had planned on making a bunch of Christmas mushrooms, but my schedule got too hectic. I'm glad I did finish one for a special someone at the last minute. My last mushroom of the year :)

And one last thing to share: some of my Christmas gifts and Christmas craftings. Choco & Minty as bees- I love them so so much!!!! Kathie Olivas toys... a craft bucket from my Secret Santa... the biggest gift of all- a Canon EOS 5D- I sooo can't wait to use it!!! Paper snowflakes... and one of the gifts I got for Chris- that was my fave pic of our gift exchange.... he got me Choco & Minty, the Kathie Olivas toys, and the Camera- I'm so lucky :)

See you soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Diego is featured on Plush Monster Feed

Kelli from Plush Monster Feed was so nice to feature Diego on her blog :)

She posts about new plush every single day! I can't wait to look through all the entries.

I crocheted up these flowers for one of my friends at work for her Xmas present. I hope they brighten her day every day!

They are removable from their pot even and come with their own crocheted soil! And the best part, no watering needed :)

I found the pattern at on the web at www.mygurumi.de and I just had to embellish and add faces to the flowers

PS: that's one of my paper snowflakes casting a shadow- how pretty!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Callie & Cailey the Mushrooms with Sidney the Owl

Bethany was so sweet to commission me to make a purple mushroom for her daughter's birthday. I knew a few cute facts about Caroline, so I tried to incorporate them into my mushroom making. That's also why I added the owl to the mix. I ended up making two because I could not decide which version I liked better and it turns out Bethany couldn't either so she bought both of them!!! Today was Caroline's b-day- Happy Birthday, Caroline! And Bethany was so nice to share some pictures of Caroline opening her gift. Check them out over at her blog. I think Caroline's expression is priceless and it was definitely one of my favorite custom orders that I've had the pleasure of working on :)

And I couldn't resist and had to add at least one pic of Caroline- this is my favorite shot!

She looks so happy :) I love Nathaniel's expression too. He seems to be really happy for his sister! What a great shot! You guys are awesome!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Diego the Lucha Libre Mushroom

This was probably the most difficult commission I've done to date, but I really love the result. He comes with a removable mask!!! Next time, I'm not sure that I would make the mask removable, because it took so long to get it right... but then again, that's one of the cool things about it. What do you think?

Sprouted: December 15th
Favorite Color: red, blue and yellow
Favorite Drink: Burstin' Lime Soda
Favorite Food: anything with tabasco sauce
Favorite Activity: wrestling of course!
Favorite Season: summer


and for my Secret Santa, I finished this awesome Guitar... the pattern was designed by the super talented Katie of Caffaknitted

and lastly, some paper snowflakes that I've made over the past few days... next up is decorating my bedroom window with them.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Nicole Licht from Astulabee tagged me for 6 random things... (above you see an image of my collection of hers... I got the duke for my bday from my boyfriend just the other day- hooray :)

1. I turned 29 the other day and to this day, I haven’t owned a car thus far. I’m not sure if it’s by chance or choice, but at this point I don’t really want one either. I’m happy with car- pooling and using the bus system here in LA. I guess I just feel it’s one less thing to worry about, one less responsibility… I just wonder how long I’ll keep it up?!

2. I was born and raised in Germany until the age of 12. Although when I was young, I couldn’t speak any German. I only knew Polish when my parents put me in Kindergarten. And even though Polish is my first language, it’s also my weakest. However, I dream in all 3 languages.

3. I’m a vegetarian. I’m not good with keeping track of dates, so I think it’s been 7 or 8 years. It was an easy transition for me. I didn’t like meat to begin with. I wish I could give up sweets as easily. ;)

4. I miss my dog Rambo. I’ve always loved animals and I need to move to an apartment that allows pets. But at the same time, I really want a dog and I feel like he or she would need more room… and a house is pretty impossible out here. Hopefully sooner than later… Btw, I can usually imagine people as animals. I’ll be like, you look just like a beaver, and you look like a pelican, you look like a red panda… some people totally get it and some just think I’m odd.

5. Growing up I was an only child, it took my parents 8 yrs to get me a baby brother, 19 to get me a baby sister… but because of the boredom I learned to use my imagination a lot! I remember I used to take a little mirror hold it up towards the ceiling, look at it downwards and pretend to be walking on the ceiling. I haven’t tried it in quite some time… but I remember it was a lot of fun.

6. I get sayings wrong ALL the time. Even if I know them… I’ll say “Thumb of Rule” instead of “Rule of thumb” or “My stomach is doing summersaults” instead of “I have butterflies in my stomach.” Quite frankly, I’m not even sure I got them right this time. I’m just no good at sayings… but it seems to get a lot of giggles  Some words also give me real trouble, no matter how many times I rehearse them, to this day, “canary” as in the bird… I’ll say “cannery” even if I wanted to say “canary.” Recently, I discovered “Bengal” gives me real trouble.

And now for the rules:

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Chelsea from IttyBittyBirdy
Leeanna from MeetSamandPete
Jhoanna from OneRedRobin

Tag...you are it!


and on a side note...some snowflakes we made today...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Theo in his new home

isn't awesome? and he has an Uglydoll to keep him company, I think it's Babo?

Maegan looks so happy with Theo as a buddy. And Theo is happy to be hers! Thanks John for sending these in!

Amy, Benjamin, and Horace the Owls

don't they look like they are comforting poor Benjamin (in the middle)?