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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Give-away

I've been wanting to do a little give-away for a long long time... and finally, the time is right :)

So here's the deal: Just leave me a comment on what your favorite Christmas memory is by end of day Monday Dec. 14th. Also, tell me whether you would like a snowshroom ornament, angelshroom ornament or Reindeershroom ornament in your comment & I will custom make it for you. (I will ship wherever so everyone is welcome to leave me a comment :)

I'll either use the Random # Generator or pick my 1 favorite story/comment if I can make up my mind :)

Happy Holidays everyone & Thank you for visiting my little blog :)


Sugar-Coated said...

My favorite Christmas memory was way back in 1986 when I opened the Nintendo my parents bought me. I still think that was the most excited I've ever been about a present. I still have that system and a ton of games.. and yes it still work. I've been a geeky gamer girl ever since. Thanks mom and dad, lol!

Btw the Reindeershroom is the cutes thing I've ever seen! <3 it!

lookwhaticando said...

Let's see....my favorite Christmas memories are those of my brother and I waking up really really early and opening up our stockings together. (because we were allowed to do this)
It was always so special because we did it together and were so very excited....and we got a lot of good stocking stuffers and candies...always always got the book of lifesavers :)
I love the angels....but they are all fantastic :)

rebecca said...

My favourite Christmas memory was when my I finally met my little cousin Sarah for the first time. I was 17 and had been at a party, and came home to find a six year old girl asleep in my room-- she was perfect, chatty, happy, confident and mentioned that she got in trouble for talking too much at school. So sweet!

I love your toys!! If I won, I'd love a reindeer!


Kym said...

My favourite Christmas memory is when I was a child and we woke up Christmas morning to find Reindeer hoof prints in the mud outside our home! They were 100% real hoof prints and it was really Santa too! Well at least I thought it was for many years, my Mum still denies it was her and she is most likely telling the truth as we lived on a farm and it was most liked a goat hoof print from sometime ago that we happened to find on Christmas Day and proclaim it to be a reindeer's! However it made me truly believe in Santa and that I was a good girl that year, because he brought me a BMX Bike too!
I love the Angelshroom :)

Kaylovesvintage said...

my dad always gets the tree one day before christmas and it takes a long wonderful time before he finds the best one for our living room..
a little reindeer would look so cute in my dads tree

By Deva said...


ittybittyandpretty said...

lets get the first thing outta the way...deershroom please!

ok here goes...my mum died when i was almost 4 so i like to think this memory is of when she was still alive.

my father would always buy THE biggest real christmas pine tree which would fill the house with a wonderful smell. after the lights were strung and all the gorgeous glass baubles were hung and the special glass birds that had feathers in every colour you can imagine were in place, we(all 5 kids) would lie underneath the gigantic tree and look up and ooohh and aaahhh at how pretty it all looked form that angle. it still brings a tear to my eye and i can smell the tree if i try real hard. and i guess it explains the multitude of birds i have all over my special hutch!

i also like to think that mum was alive cause i think she would have kept that tradition going had she been around.

thanks for the chance and thanks for reading my memory. i must tell my dad one of these days...

~3iNnA~ said...

My favorite Christmas memory is last year when I mail boxes and boxes of toys, clothings (baby clothing and adults), school supplies, crafts and seeds (so they can plan ahead of what to do with it) to indigenous people (native american). Even though I don't have much in my life I feel great to help the less fortunate. That's my favorite Christmas memory.

To just pick one of your ornament is hard but I like the Reindeershroom ornament.

I love reading your blog even though I am new around here...

mathyld / encore petite said...

Woot woot !
I love your Ornaments & I love Xmas !

I love the clear Shroom-deer and the Black mouthed Angel-shroom ♥

I send you winter kisses from Paris,
x x x

cameratakesphotos said...

My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was about 7 and my uncle came back for a surprise Christmas visit from Africa. He showed up at our door several days before Christmas unannounced (all the way from Nigeria) and stayed several weeks through the holidays. Unfortunately, it was the last time we got to see him as he was killed 4 months later in a tragic accident in Africa. Fortunately, we have some wonderful holiday memories to remember him by.

I LOVE the reindeershroom as I have an obsession with anything Rudolph!

Happy Holidays!

Leeanna Butcher said...

My favorite Christmas memory was the year when my whole family managed to make it to my Aunt's house from the corners of the globe where we were scattered. We all crashed at her house, and the only thing missing was snow. Well, Christmas Eve it started snowing the most massive and fluffiest snowflakes we'd ever seen, and an hour later the whole city was transformed into the most beautiful White Christmas postcard. All my cousins and siblings and I ran outside in our snow things and had the biggest snow ball fight ever. We also built a ginormous snowman. After a couple of hours we went back into the house and all our moms had hot chocolate and homemade baking out for us. It was pretty perfect. The snow stuck around for Christmas day, we all opened presents next to the roaring fireplace and enjoyed to the fullest that we were all in one place for the holidays.

I'd love a snowshroom ornament for my tree, even though I love them all. :D

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Hi - I love your work. I'd especially love one of your cute reindershrooms!

My favourite memory is from when I was about 6 years old and the christmas plum pudding exploded! My grandmother had put a very hot plum pudding on a cold plate, brought it out into the dining room when it promptly exploded - cake, plate and coins (English tradition to put money in the pud) flew every where. One uncle was even injured.
Most memorable Christmas experience for sure.


kate said...

Ohhhh...I love love love your work...hope I win!! I'd love a snowshroom ornament.

Hmmm....fave x-mas memory? It would have to be the 5 foot stocking my dad would stuff for me as a kid : )

Annie said...

i love your Christmas Shrooms!

My favorite Christmas memory is of my grandmother planning the 'almond prize' tradition every year while I was growing up. She learned it while living with family in Denmark during her college years. On Christmas she would make rice pudding (warm rice with milk, sugar and cinnamon) and hide a cooked and peeled soft white almond inside one of the little cups of rice. Someone would get to help her hide it then serve the cups to everyone sitting around the tree. Whoever discovers the almond in their cup, wins! She would always find cool presents that would work for any of us. I won one time, a glass votive candle holder etched with flowers. It's sitting in my window, I treasure it. This year I'm going to start the tradition with my own new family.

If I win, I'd love a reindeer shroom!

Michele P. said...

One of my favorite Christmas memories was when I was living in RI and had fractured my arm. Money was tight, hubby was barely working and I wondered how I would be able to get gifts for my son and his little sister. I was in a cast, so couldn't cook or work in an office job for 7 to 8 weeks... no fun. I was amazed at the people who dropped off plates of food almost on a daily basis, and how these friends, family and neighbors pitched in and provided us with a feast on Christmas along with gifts for all of us. People kept dropping off stuff all day, it was really amazing! As they say, 'Tis the season for giving... and I was the recipient that year!

your little reindeershroom is adorable!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Hayley said...

My favorite Christmas memory is one of those things that are absolutely horrible at the time, but then start to become more and more amusing after a while. When I was little my family lived in Alaska and my parents were excited to finally have a real Christmas tree (we had previously been living in an apartment in Germany). Using real trees wasn't a popular thing in that area, but my parents were able to find one. Turns out there was a colony of some sort of insect hibernating in the tree and the warmth of our house woke them up causing our house to be filled with bugs...(apparently that's a common risk with having a real tree in Alaska, so everyone has a fake tree). Needless to say, we've invested in a very nice fake tree :)

The reindeershroom is also my favorite, but they are all so adorable :D

Bethany Hissong said...

These are so totally adorable... I'm dying here of cuteness overload!!!

Mathyld / encore petite said...

I did just exactly what I dislike !!!
I didn't comment the right way ! And forgot to play the game :(
Sorry about that and congrats to the winners,

Kisses from Snowy Provence,
x x x