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Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Shop Update this weekend!

***Shop is updated :)***
Yay! I finally sewed up enough little mushroom ornaments for a small shop update.

There will be 2 snowshrooms, 2 angels, and 2 reindeer for sure. And one big custom order...

I'm planning on listing things on Saturday/Sunday- not sure what exact day or time unfortunately. But if you don't get any this time around, I plan on sewing more and listing them as they become available. I have until the 16th to sew sew sew and then I'm off for vacation. So I don't think I will have a lot to share since I'm also busy with making some presents, but I'd imagine at least 3 or so would make it into the shop before then...

Have a fun time getting ready for the holidays!!! This is my favorite season :) I LOVE it!!!

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