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Monday, May 19, 2008

Squarey & Princess the Bunny

I finally finished these two plushies for two special little kids. They will be traveling to their new home soon and I hope both kids like their gifts :)

Squarey is for Elliot who likes bright colors, legos, and race cars. He does not like big heads however... I can't make up my mind whether I've made him a plush that's got a big head or is only a body with with a face? Since Elliots favorite plush is a humongous duck that's pretty much a ball with a face, I thought he'd be ok with this one. I hope he likes it.
*This is based off of a Jess Hutchinson pattern.

And Princess the Bunny is for Amy. She's a sweet little girl who likes pink and pastels. Her favorite plushes so far have been a bunny, unicorn, doggy and I think this one will fight right in with her collection. She likes to play with pretend food and cook dinner and her room is pink :) I hope Amy will like what I came up with.

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ittybittybirdy said...

your Mr. Square plush could fit right in at pottery barn kid (given he works so well with your pottery barn bedding). I say he is body with a face...