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Friday, June 13, 2008

Maisie the Mushroom

Maisie is a very concerned about the environment. Every Sunday, she goes to the farmers market and buys fresh food. She always buys strawberries, they are like candy to her. She's the oldest out of her mushroom family and has a great sense of responsibility. But she's also very playful. She loves to jump rope! Her name means "child of light" and it's so fitting ;-)

Maisie is about 13 inches tall and 9 inches wide (at the widest part of her head). She comes with a crocheted surprise friend. What could it be??

update: Maise found a new home 6/23- hooray! :D

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ittybittybirdy said...

Oh my a pink one!!!! Someday I might have to get Lisa a brother or sister!

Thanks for stopping by this morning!