Where are my Ploosh now?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Maude the Mushroom

I made this new one over the weekend and I must say it's my new favorite. I wonder if I'll feel like this whenever I make a new one. This one is finally going to my shop- hurrah.

So Maude doesn't come with a pet friend, and it's because she's friends with all the stars in the sky. She can spot all of the constellations. Her favorite used to be the Big Dipper but now that she's older she really likes Princess Andromeda. She loves to be awake at night, because she likes to blend in and try to pretend to be a star herself. But I think she doesn't have to blend in at all, she's already a star in my eyes. :)


malditos bichos said...

It´s fantastic, very funny and colorful.
un saludo

Pimky rose said...

Hello Eva, I love your work! The colours, the faces...all! Kiss